Great Parks in Atlanta


Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, is a city in the South that combines inspiration-inducing attractions and world-class sophistication. The city lies in the southern foothills of the Piedmont Plateau, at the watershed between Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the highly sought and popular destinations in the Southeast to live or visit.

With the perfect climate for the blooming season, it is great to be a garden enthusiast in Atlanta. In Atlanta, tree care services are in high practice. In this city, Spring brings showers, flowers, and beautiful gardens. There are numerous full-service nurseries, tree service and garden centers with unique plant population. Tree enthusiasts can find the perfect place to expand their gardening skills in the city of Atlanta.

With the basics said, let us have a look at the best gardens and tree parks in found in the Atlanta region.

1. Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious collections of trees in Atlanta. The park is can be found approximately two miles from northeast of downtown Atlanta. Trees in this park provide shade, clean the air and provide habitat for a large variety of wildlife. As of 2015, a total of 120 different tree species were identified in the park.

The park provides the perfect hangout spot for a whole family. EnviroVenture summer camps at the park provide fun and interactive experiences for campers of all ages. Those visiting the park can take a hike, play on the ground, feed the ducks, shop at the green markets, have a picnic, explore scavenger hunts or take a tree walk.

2. Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden enjoys the fame as one of the largest woodland gardens in the United States. It offers a unique destination to connect with beauty and the natural world. It is home to hundreds of plants and flowers. The spring woodland ramble offers delightful spring air of the woodlands.

At this garden, you get to enjoy annual celebrations of the vanilla orchids. The garden provides a variety of fun and educational programs. There are adult classes for visitors to learn about bees, painting and more. The garden provides a range of options for private rentals.

3. Callaway Gardens

When we talk about human-made gardens, we have to talk about Callaway Gardens. The garden is a unique place to be in a natural setting. At this garden, you enjoy nature trails with numerous dazzling sights with different gardens and plant collections.

Visitors can begin their visit at the Gardens Discovery Center in Pine Mountain. This is where the garden tour begins. Catch a glimpse at some of the ruby-throated hummingbirds, a variety of songbirds and tiger swallowtail butterflies. The garden boasts of diverse activities touching fitness series, Fantasy in Lights, educational workshops, circus, bicycling, Azalea watching, wedding venues, water sports among other sports.

4. Sweetwater Creek State Park Atlanta

Sweetwater Creek State Park is a peaceful tract of wilderness located a few minutes away from downtown Atlanta. The park consists of a nine-mile network of hiking trails near Atlanta along with a whitewater-filled creek and rolling forest. The park has additional trail wind through fields and forest, magnolias, showcasing fems, wild azaleas, and hardwoods.

From this park, visitors can grab fresh air and cardio in a beautiful forest filled with waterfalls. The park spans over 2500 acres of Creekside landscape. It makes a great destination for a family hike. Visitors enjoy quiet time in nature as well as pulse-raising trail run in a wildlife-filled forest, wildflowers, and rich history.

5. Fred Hamilton Rhododendron Garden

Quietly located in the North Georgia Mountains, Fred Hamilton Rhododendron Garden is the area’s best kept secret. The large 3,000 plant collection includes the largest rhododendron collection in Atlanta. The garden features a botanical paradise fairly bursting tulip magnolias, wildflowers, native azaleas, dogwood, trillium among others.

The beautiful gardens host one of the largest collections of gorgeous hybrid rhododendrons in Atlanta. The gardens are open all year round for visitors to explore. There are good mountains, plants, and moderate walking trails. Plant enthusiasts will enjoy a variety of azaleas and other plants. Guests are welcomed to attend different events throughout the year and can purchase flowers from a variety of rhododendrons and other plants.

Property Taxes in Atlanta

It’s always a good idea to know what kind of taxes you might be paying whenever you move to a new location and for those thinking about re-locating to Atlanta Ga, this tax breakdown may help you out.
Being the capital city of the state of Georgia, it is the 9th most populated metropolitan area in the United States. As a result, the employment market can be rather competitive. That being said, however, it also means there are a lot of jobs and career opportunities within metropolitan Atlanta.

Property Taxes

Those thinking of moving to Alanta, Georgia must keep in mind that as of April 2015 the city boasts some of the highest property tax rates in the US. At an average rate of $3,327 per year, it can be a bit daunting for some people. This is mostly due to the progressive High Tech industry, which dominates the state’s economy. For many who earn some of the best wages and salaries across the nation, the average property tax rate may not be a bad deal. It does work out to be relative in the long run.

Sales Tax Rate
Atlanta currently operates on a combined regional and state sales tax rate of 8.25%. True, this is higher than in some states, but again, people earn more than 40% annually than in most other US states. Upon a recent visit there, I found that many merchants mark down their prices in order to make purchases more financially comfortable for consumers. As a result, typical purchases work out to about the same as in other parts of the United States. Depending on the state’s economic status, of course.

Income Taxes
Georgia has one of the lowest income tax rates in the nation. For this reason alone, it can be quite attractive to many people. Many feel this is why property taxes are so high in the city and state. Perhaps so.

Job Growth and Unemployment Rate
Financiers boast of an over 40% job growth rate within the Atlanta region in the near future. This is 26% higher than in most large cities of it’s kind within the US. Furthermore, it has recently seen an increase of 2.82% in job growth over the past year.
We are consistently hearing about horrifying unemployment rates in US cities and regions, but Atlanta is not among the stories. Their current unemployment status is sitting at 3.50% – one of the lowest in the nation. For those interested, it also boasts one of the lowest crime rates per capita in the United States. With so much employment to be taken advantage of, people don’t feel the need to commit crime.

Atlanta Taxes Conclusion
Most of us have been paying income tax our entire adult lives. Atlanta has low income taxes. For some, the higher property taxes could make up for it. However, never discount the fact that Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities when it comes to gainful employment in the US. For a nation that isn’t in the greatest shape economically, this speaks volumes.

Great Restaurants in Atlanta

In today’s fast paced society, it is becoming common practice for restaurants to provide menus, ordering and reservation options online. The following are some of the featured restaurants Atlanta.

Wildfire Restaurant

Wildfire is reminiscent of the typical 1940’s style dinner club. It’s warm and stylish atmosphere is created through the decor full of pictures of famous entertainers and the vintage jazz music. This provides patrons with one of the best dining experiences in the area if you are looking for classic upscale American cuisine which appeals to a variety of dining tastes.

Buckhead Diner

At first glance, this diner presents a neon and chrome exterior and trendy interior reminiscent of the best dining experiences of the 1950’s era. Buckhead diner is always packed with customers waiting to enjoy their latest experience eating out. Often there is a short waiting period, well worth the modern and comfort food main courses. The breads are baked fresh daily and the homemade potato chips are like no other. The food, service and atmosphere keep patrons coming back time after time.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

First opened in 1945, this is another of the best dining experiences you can find in the Atlanta area. The owner built her reputation for good southern cooking at a time when women could not run restaurants on their own due to societal constraints. It is the only tea room still standing in downtown Atlanta after nearly seven decades.

The classic southern cuisine includes burgers, steaks, country fried steaks, classic fried chicken and many typical southern side dishes. They are also famous for their cinnamon buns and everyone from truck drivers to businessmen and government elects go out of their way to frequent the place. You have the option of choosing refreshments from the full bar or ordering the ever popular sweet tea.


Selected as the city’s best restaurant, Rathbun’s offers upscale modern cuisine ranging from beef, chicken, lamb and seafood (including some raw plates) to meals referred to as “second mortgage plates”. The owner’s primary goal is to provide patrons with meals featuring steaks that are of the finest quality found anywhere in the country. This attention to detail and passion for food has made Rathbun’s one of the best places to eat out in Atlanta.


For the best dining when looking for eclectic southwestern cuisine, Agave stands above the rest. Since 2000, this southwestern eatery and tequila bar has appealed to a wide array of tastes and styles with focus on southwestern flare.

The menu offers traditional choices; all within a reasonable price range. Aside from their claim to fame of approximately 97 different brands of tequila to choose from, the restaurant offers another unique characteristic that appeal to all tastes. There are no microwaves or freezers anywhere on the premises.

What does this mean to you? Their produce, seafood and natural beef products are delivered fresh daily. This level of quality in their food sets them above the rest as the best southwestern eatery in Atlanta.

Atlanta Real Estate Agents

An Atlanta residential real estate agent understands the housing market perfectly well; they will find a house that suits your tastes and preferences.

Looking for property information from the internet or asking friends and family can be daunting; chances are, you will either be misinformed or under-informed. Real estate agents, however, specifically deal with property market thus are experts in the field. They understand the needs of their clients and do thorough research on the best deals in the market.

Real estate agents acquire information regarding the property location. For instance how secure the environment is, water availability, conditions of the schools available, living standards of residents among others. Similarly, if you drive to the office every morning, information on traffic conditions in the area is crucial for you. Missing out on these details may lead you to make a regrettable decision. To avoid the agony, take advantage of an agent.

Purchasing property on a budget will help you save quite a significant amount of money. You might not have negotiation skills but real estate agents are on top of the game. They search for the sellers in the property market selling a house that suits your likes, negotiate to the lowest price possible and close a favorable deal. In the long run, you will work less and pay less as well.

Property purchase involves a lot of paperwork for legal purposes. Having been in the market for an extended period, Texas real estate agents are experienced in property market transactions. The process is complicated with strict deadlines for filing the forms. To be confident of a smooth process and that no crucial step is omitted, employ real estate agents; they know what to do next and how to do it. If you do not understand the details of the forms you are signing, they will explain it to you as well.

Besides connecting property sellers to property buyers, real estate agents are also well linked to other players in the real estate market. For instance, in case you need a loan to purchase a house, they know of the best banks or other financial institutions that can help. A lawyer may be required when sealing the deal; they will connect you to one. Similarly, before giving out a loan, most loan givers may need an inspection of the house done. Agents will provide advice on the best home inspectors and ensure that they do the task on time.

Finally, choose professional and licensed real estate agents. Atlanta real-estate agents have been on the market long enough thus is equipped with all the information necessary to make a great deal. From the information above, it is now clear that a real estate agent is of great help.