What Is the Atlanta Rave Social Network?

Welcome home. Want more of the best people, parties, and gear to get your ideal Atlanta rave experience?  ARSN gives you the things you want to customize your fantasy rave lifestyle in Atlanta.
To know why partying in the Atlanta Rave Social Network is an absolute must, then read the story below. Or watch the:

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ARSN is becoming known across the internet as the official hub for Atlanta rave. It started with Hyperreal.org. This classic, original online raver resource, has been helping the rave culture find what it wants nationally and globally since 1992! Before ARSN, Atlanta wasn’t even listed!!!!!

Now, we up in here. (Thank Brian, Founder of Hyperreal)
ARSN has also gained attention from such massive rave authorities as SFraves.org and NWtekno.org.

Join the official community of ravers, DJs, promoters who are getting their ideal rave experience in Atlanta:

Why Party in the Atlanta Rave Social Network?

These heavy hitters have chosen to Ride the Rave, and now why do you?  Well we're gonna talk about what you get as a member of ARSN.  And we’re gonna look at the alternatives.

It All Happened When...

I found a girl named Kandi.  Kandi is a raver in Georgia and knows exactly what she wants. Good friends, base in her face, local rave parties and the essential gear. Kandi just can’t find it!

I found out that Kandi is everywhere.  Seeing this void, I did the mad scientist and ran some experiments.  I threw up a site, put up a Facebook page, ran advertisement, hit the forums, and asked people in person.  Turns out you can’t wait to use ARSN.

Haven’t Joined Us Yet?!

Just in case, suppose you don't think ARSN is your solution? Why? Because…

1) "I'm on Facebook." Yeah, me too.  Your problem is that using Facebook specifically finding ravers and raves in Atlanta, is a hassle. You still use Facebook for certain friends and pages, just now you use ARSN as your goto spot for everything specific to Atlanta raves.

In ARSN, you KNOW everyone is a raver and can find exactly who and what you want, by location, interests and style - all with a click.

2) "I'm on the Forum." Yeah, I hear ya. Your problem is the people don’t respond and you only get to see a fraction of the raves. You still use the forums for national stuff, just now you use ARSN as your goto spot for everything specific to Atlanta raves.

In ARSN the community has fun. Plus you get all the raves you want - filtered by date, location, music, crowd and reviews. AND...you can get all this automatically!!!! Just subscribe to the "Atlanta Rave Auto Updater" for all the raves in Atlanta.

3) “I’m rave all the time.” Awesome!! Your problem is settling for the same thing every week. Plus you spend too much money on travel, gear, and amenities.  You still rave all the time (and more), just now you use ARSN to refine your experience and save lots of money.

In ARSN you find your ideal ravers and raves in Atlanta. Plus, you save stacks of cash by getting coupons on gear, discounts, deals, pregame parties, and rides to the rave.

4) “I’m a promoter/DJ/provider.” Yeah, you got it good. It’s true. Still, your problem is that you want to grow your brand and business in less time.  You still do your thing, now you just use ARSN to grow your business bigger and faster than you ever thought possible.

In ARSN you have your target market in one spot!!!! Now you can easily get attention, build your brand, and serve more.  It’s all in front of your eyes in the Atlanta Rave Social Network.

*Haven't joined the Atlanta Rave Social Network yet? That's okay. You are always welcome and will join us when you are ready to rave. For now, take advantage of our free subscriptions to really cool stuff. 

Imagine something right now - you no longer have to search manually for the raves in Atlanta. The night is falling and unlike the rest, you know exactly where you are raving, because you got automatically updated on all the raves in Atlanta!!!! How great is that? Imagine, all the raves in Atlanta delivered to your inbox...amazing "Atlanta Rave Auto Updater" and other cool stuff, just subscribe for free by clicking "RIDE THE RAVE" below.

I founded this network for you. If you are part of the Atlanta rave culture in any way, this is your home. It is your right to decorate and use for your maximum comfort and fun.  Click.

__~~^*^~~__ ≈≈>• RIDE THE RAVE •<≈≈ __~~^*^~~__

PS. We're keeping our door open and you are always welcome. Just click to jump inside the Atlanta Rave Social Network. Otherwise, you can just subscribe now to the Atlanta Rave Auto Updater for raves in Atlanta, funny vids, cool pics, the best music and more awesome stuff for an Atlanta raver!!!!! (***You get these free updates included in your registration with the Atlanta Rave Social Network**)

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Osiris and I founded the Atlanta Rave Social Network. I am a big fan of trance dance music. I have always been a combo of goofy, nerdy, and strange. My favorite experiences include tubing, playing games against myself for hours, stupid dancing, hooking up on the dance floor, circus camp, organizing house parties and DJing. 

My interests include fitness, parkour, personal freedom, sexual freedom European-and-Brazilian-style, internet marketing (addicted), sales, and sillyness. Watch my front flip fail. Listen to my personal favorite music playlist.  Click here check out my blog on lifestyle design.

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