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Great Restaurants in Atlanta

In today’s fast paced society, it is becoming common practice for restaurants to provide menus, ordering and reservation options online. The following are some of the featured restaurants Atlanta.

Wildfire Restaurant

Wildfire is reminiscent of the typical 1940’s style dinner club. It’s warm and stylish atmosphere is created through the decor full of pictures of famous entertainers and the vintage jazz music. This provides patrons with one of the best dining experiences in the area if you are looking for classic upscale American cuisine which appeals to a variety of dining tastes.

Buckhead Diner

At first glance, this diner presents a neon and chrome exterior and trendy interior reminiscent of the best dining experiences of the 1950’s era. Buckhead diner is always packed with customers waiting to enjoy their latest experience eating out. Often there is a short waiting period, well worth the modern and comfort food main courses. The breads are baked fresh daily and the homemade potato chips are like no other. The food, service and atmosphere keep patrons coming back time after time.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

First opened in 1945, this is another of the best dining experiences you can find in the Atlanta area. The owner built her reputation for good southern cooking at a time when women could not run restaurants on their own due to societal constraints. It is the only tea room still standing in downtown Atlanta after nearly seven decades.

The classic southern cuisine includes burgers, steaks, country fried steaks, classic fried chicken and many typical southern side dishes. They are also famous for their cinnamon buns and everyone from truck drivers to businessmen and government elects go out of their way to frequent the place. You have the option of choosing refreshments from the full bar or ordering the ever popular sweet tea.


Selected as the city’s best restaurant, Rathbun’s offers upscale modern cuisine ranging from beef, chicken, lamb and seafood (including some raw plates) to meals referred to as “second mortgage plates”. The owner’s primary goal is to provide patrons with meals featuring steaks that are of the finest quality found anywhere in the country. This attention to detail and passion for food has made Rathbun’s one of the best places to eat out in Atlanta.


For the best dining when looking for eclectic southwestern cuisine, Agave stands above the rest. Since 2000, this southwestern eatery and tequila bar has appealed to a wide array of tastes and styles with focus on southwestern flare.

The menu offers traditional choices; all within a reasonable price range. Aside from their claim to fame of approximately 97 different brands of tequila to choose from, the restaurant offers another unique characteristic that appeal to all tastes. There are no microwaves or freezers anywhere on the premises.

What does this mean to you? Their produce, seafood and natural beef products are delivered fresh daily. This level of quality in their food sets them above the rest as the best southwestern eatery in Atlanta.