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Learn How Auto Insurers Lowball Accident Claim Settlements Before It’s Too Late

It’s one of the harsh realities of being a motorist — your interests are inherently opposed to those of your insurer. This becomes clear once you get in a car crash. You,on one hand,expect to get compensated fairly according to the provisions of your policy. On the other hand,the company will employ various strategies in an attempt to minimize the payout. It thus helps to learn how auto insurers lowball accident claim settlements.

Offering a Quick Settlement

It does make sense for an insurance adjuster to present you with a lowball offer soon after you’ve filed your claim. For one,they know that this is the time when your when your guard is at its lowest — you’ve just been through a car crash,after all. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that a quick offer will (likely) dissuade you from contacting a go to court for a serious injury .

Shifting Liability

The easiest way for an insurer to devalue a claim is to skirt liability. This can be done by tricking the claimant into admitting that they were somehow at fault for an accident. It can also be achieved by attacking the financial losses being sought by the victim.

Disputing the Cause of Injury

Claims adjusters are known to dispute the cause of one’s injuries. At best,they’ll argue out how someone else didn’t (or couldn’t have) fared as badly as you did. At worst,they will look examine your medical history and try using it against you.

Now here’s the most important thing to keep in mind; insurers are under no legal obligation whatsoever to look after their clients’ interests. This means there’s nothing to keep them from offering the least amount they can get away with. Although no accident attorney can guarantee you of a higher settlement,they can keep you from falling prey to lowballing tactics.

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