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 On Saturday morning, the Nanjing Morning line of community service in the new year opened the curtain Hospital experts face to face,Front Lace Wigs  , free medical services, small appliances ... a wide variety of services, so that the dawn of community residents are delighted. The scene also opened four awards, to get the high-end wine drawn resident Mr. Wang address him: "this community line, the more the better!"  
magical lab looked magic and long knowledge  
adults to take the kids, sitting stools, huddled in the area of ​​the active-site center circle from time to time send bursts of applause, which is why? The original, "Jim's workshop,Pandora Charm Sale UK," the teacher, is for the children to do magical experiments. I saw the teacher took out three cups filled with water, placed in a tray line traction. "The kids have to guess, I turn up to this tray, cups will not fly out, the water will not spill out of it?" The teacher a following kids were anxious to "guessing". However, when the teacher really turn up the tray, cups and water motionless. "In fact, very simple, which is the science tricks." Teacher then began Secret, the teacher finished, audience sent waves knowing smile. Next, the teacher and performing a "magic medicine bottle", "does not fall cans" science magic, the end of the event, the children appeared to be very sad, and around the teachers have to learn some knowledge. "Both saw the show, and learn the knowledge, of useful intellectual development of children." Resident Miss Wu said.  
community starlet guzheng, singing well versed  
talent show for children has become the signature part of the Morning Service Community row, in the talent show on stage yesterday,http://www.pandoracharmsok.co.uk/, the reporter found that the dawn of the community described as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Before the start of the talent show, the elderly community dance team first hot games, wonderful dance programs. Next, is the children's show time. "Baby, go play a, you dance very good." Parents in the audience began to have "lobbying" their children up Performances. I saw a little girl came to power, do not want any accompaniment, no stage fright, sang "Fortunately," won the audience cheers. Little girl called Xiaoyi, as young as ten years old starlet community, According to the dawn of communities Li Yongchun, director, Xiaoyi not only sing well, zither playing are great, the size of the activities in the community, almost all ultimately, this little girl's figure.  
doctors face-to-face free medical examinations queues  
four hundred fifty-four Hospital for many years to participate the Morning Services Community row, the experts of the hospital, are legendary among the common people. Activities at the scene yesterday, the four hundred fifty-four hospital experts just one seat, would attract residents and onlookers. Nanjing weather is like had neuropathy, a cold or hot, we older people how to avoid illness it? "My heart has always been bad, usually how to maintain it?" Residents question a thrown expert who is also overwhelmed hospital experts. The reporter saw that the interrogation is not only the elderly, some young people, especially in the free blood pressure measurement table before, has been waiting in a long team, of which half are young people. "No way, the social pressure to make money more useless, the body is the most important." Xiao Zhou said with a smile.  
resident enjoy services jackpot wins  
yesterday of the event, is undoubtedly the sweepstakes. "Really? Enjoy the free service, there are awards pumping really such a good thing?" Scene some residents sent a question, could not believe that this is true. But when the awards individually extracted winning residents came to realize that this is not dreaming. Activities at the scene yesterday, a total out of the four awards, each winning residents can get a bottle of high-end wine. Carrying just drawn red wine, Mr. Wang music opened my arms, "I'm over 50 years old, is the first time it winning." Miss Yuan is even more lucky, she had just finished performing dance, go to hand pumping a number winning, happy she insisted came to power and then performing a program.  
attentive service also help you finance repair appliances  
let the people enjoy the most attentive service, this has been the purpose of the Morning Service Community row. Taught the inhabitants of of finance should Maharatnakuta Fortune how to manage money, and some people do not really understand the financial gains, the staff is always 11 to explain patiently. "You can also participate in our financial management seminars every week." To remind the staff.  
the day's activities, the residents are also free repair small appliances can even enjoy free the hydropower detection services. I heard that the free repair appliances, Zhao Aunt repeatedly confirmed, quickly ran home. "What are you doing?" Someone asked her. It turned out that the elderly have a small radio, has "strike" big six months, her run in such a hurry, is trying to radio to take over the master to help trim. The hydropower detection service desk, master not only the eleven registered residents demand switch socket safety knowledge in daily life, but also specifically to residents reminded.  
communities simple three years to create a comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration communities  
dawn of the community, Zhonghua Gate Street is famous in the country. The reporter saw linked to the community in front of a lot of advanced recognition of the brand,Mont blanc Pens UK. According to Director of Community Li Yongchun,Louis Vuitton Bags Canada  Business QQ: 168 466 55, they go to the end just to create a successful national comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration communities. Weekdays, the community will be through lectures,Pandora Charms Sale, drills, etc., to teach emergency knowledge to the residents. "Faced with an emergency such as how to escape the fire when the means of escape, and how to wear a mask." Minister Li said,Cheap Pandora Bracelets UK. Reporter Yao-hsiang,  
activities support phalanx  
dawn of communities  
People's Liberation Army the four hundred fifty-four Hospital  
the Panda a small appliance repair  
Yixin wealth  
Huatai Securities  
financial Yi-bao Jaeger LeCoultre wealth  
small bees, water and electricity services section  
Jim workshops
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