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Things To Know When Negotiating Alimony

When you’re getting divorced,the second most important thing on your mind after child custody is alimony. Also called ‘spousal support’ or ‘maintenance’,not a lot of people are too forthcoming about supporting their former spouse after divorce. Irrespective of what the general perception is about alimony,it isn’t another legal concept,but a life necessity. Be wary of this while negotiating alimony and make certain to hire a good filing for divorce .

Money Needed Every Month

The amount of money you need every month can be determined only by creating a budget. Most courts,in fact,expect the divorcing spouse to make and present a list of her income and expenses each month. When making the budget,try to be reasonable and as accurate and complete as you can.

Is Remarriage on the Cards?

Alimony generally stops when you marry another person or co-habitate. In other words,if you are in a real relationship already with a person who is not your spouse,and you are going to move in with that person after your divorce,alimony just cannot be on the cards anymore.


Irrespective of your level of despise for your spouse,there is a limit to how much you could claim as alimony for your monthly expenses. If your spouse makes $5,000 per month post taxes,you cannot ask for an alimony of $6,000. Therefore,learn how much your spouse makes to arrive at a realistic amount. Also,if the spouse loses his current job and gets employed at a place that pays lesser than the previous job,your alimony sum would decrease.

Securing Alimony

If your ex is dead,he cannot make alimony payments,and him leaving back money for you is highly unlikely. Therefore,create a provision in the divorce judgment that renders it necessary for your ex to have a life insurance cover that has your name as the beneficiary. Your family law firm can help with this.

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